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What will Imagination Street’s hours be?

Open Play Hours


  • Monday-Friday - 9am- 4pm*

  • Saturday & Sunday - 9am - 11am*

Our open play hours are subject to change at any time in the event we have private events planned, no advance bookings for scheduled play sessions, or other scheduling conflicts.  Any changes to our play schedule or business hours will be communicated via social media. We may also close early if we do not have any advance bookings so planning ahead is recommended so that we know you are coming.  Additional sessions may be added from time to time as well.

How does Imagination Street plan to operate?

We plan to offer both open play sessions and private event bookings.  Sprinkled in will be hosted classes and events offered by Imagination Street which may occur throughout the week during open play sessions or on the weekends.  You won’t want to miss out on all the fun events we plan to offer!


What exactly do you mean by Open Play Session?

Open play is an opportunity for guests and members to come play and enjoy our play space.  We offer flexibility for families to book online in advance to secure a play spot for a specified session and also allow for walk-ins.  With our open play concept we do limit play time to 2 hours and occasionally when we are not busy we will give our guest flexibility to play longer if they'd like.  

Do I have to book in advance to attend an open play session?

The simple answer is No.  We will allow walk-ins for any of our open play sessions; however, admission is contingent on there being availability.  We will strongly encourage our guests to book a play session in advance to secure their child's spot.  This is especially a great idea if you are planning a play date with friends and want to ensure you have a spot(s) to play.  Spots are booked based on attending children, not adults.

Booking is available online via our booking site or you may give us a call to book over the phone.  You will also be able to view the available spots for any given play session which is helpful.  Book your child's play session now!

For walk-ins, again admission is contingent on there being space available.   If we are at capacity (even if guests who’ve booked online have not yet arrived), walk-in guests will be waitlisted and allowed admission ONLY if space becomes available.  

Why do you limit capacity? 

It is very important to us that each and every one of our guests to have an enjoyable experience when they visit Imagination Street.  We have experienced first-hand spaces that have not limited capacity and it truly does take away from the experience we want children to have here.  We understand this may not be the most suitable for some guests but again we feel it would work best based on our research and own personal experience in other (similar) environments we’ve visited.

Do you offer Memberships?

Yes!  We offer membership packages that are a great value especially if your family plans to attend frequently.  Our membership rates are based on unlimited play so visit us just 3 times in a month and you’ve broke even.  Not to mention, we have some pretty awesome perks that come along with our memberships which offers a huge savings as well, AND you just never know what other member promos and savings we’ll offer in the future so sign up today and don’t miss out! 


Do you offer discounted Play Packs?

Along with our standard open play admission and memberships, we will also offer at discounted rates 5 and 10 play packs.  These play packs are also a great value for those guests who may attend on a regular basis.   They are only for use with our open play sessions and not allowed for any special events we will offer or for private bookings. 





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