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Imagination Street

Our uniquely designed play space features a "main street" concept that will be sure to inspire your child to be creative and use their imagination for hours of play whether its...

  • Putting on fireman gear, turning on the emergency light at the Fire Station and calling out all Firefighters to action to put out a neighborhood fire

  • Changing out tires or fixing the engine of the hot rod at Pete’s Auto Repair

  • Grocery shopping or perhaps working the checkout counter at the Town Center Market

  • Donning a lab coat as a veterinarian at Lil' Paws Pet Clinic checking out little furry friends who might not be feeling well

  • Taking care of patients at the Doctor’s Office

  • Creating a yummy pizza at the Park Square Pizza Bistro

  • Preparing a meal in the kitchen or attending to the children in the cozy Farm House


And there's more...

  • Children will also have the opportunity to create an art masterpiece in the designated arts and crafts area

  • Explore and play with other toys and activities set up throughout the play area

  • For our littlest guests (under 2), there is a uniquely created soft play space with age-appropriate toys to spark their curiosity and imagination as well


We've spared no expense in designing this space for children to enjoy right down to the very last accessory and we cannot wait for you and your child to join in the fun!


“When children pretend, they’re using their imaginations to move beyond the bounds of reality.”

Fred Rogers


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